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GERI Scholarship Application

On behalf of  SENG (Social Emotional Needs of the Gifted) and the Purdue GERI (Gifted Education Resource Institute) CGCC is facilitating a summer camp scholarship at Purdue University for the summer of 2019.  

The scholarship is for a student who meets the following criteria:
  • Is currently completing 7th or 8th grade.  
  • Is able to attend the two week residential STAR camp either June 30 - July 13 or July 14 - July 28.
  • Has a way to get to and from West Lafayette, Indiana on those dates.
  • Can demonstrate giftedness using the GERI standard, which requires TWO of the following:
    -  School transcript showing a GPA of at least 3.5/4.0 (B+) either cumulative or current year.
    -  An individual or group intelligence test with a minimum score of 120
    -  National or state achievement or aptitude test results at or above the 90th percentile. (This is not the same as percentage correct.) Examples include ITBS, I-STEP, CAT, MAT8, Midwest Talent Search, SAT,

    PSAT, ACT, or PLAN tests. Please submit test reports.

    -  Letter of recommendation from a teacher or mentor in talent area. Letter to address examples of student's performance, experience, and potential.
    -  Documentation of involvement in talent area, such as awards, certificates, service or recognition letters.
  • Could only attend a gifted residential camp if granted a full scholarship.
One student will be selected.

If you are interested in pursuing this scholarship, please begin by reviewing last year's  GERI brochure to verify that the camp will be of interest.  

The following is the scholarship timeline:

 OCTOBER 1, 2018

   GERI Scholarship Available on CGCC website:

 DECEMBER 20, 2018

   All application components being mailed are in the mail

 DECEMBER 31, 2018

   Online application finalized by midnight.  
   All application components being emailed have been sent

 JANUARY 23, 2019

   All applicants notified of final status.

 FEBRUARY 1, 2019

   Winner may submit GERI application online.  Classes fill up, so plan to apply early! 

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