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Kids Climate Summit

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As long as the topic is connected to climate, it is fair game.  

How will you present your topic? 

Topic ideas and suggestions

Here are some great presentation we would love to hear! 

Explain ways in which the increased rate of melting of the polar ice caps is affecting bodies of water and people all over the globe.  Make an oral presentation and discuss the implications of warming.

We talk a lot about the impact of rising temperatures on humans, but what about animals?  What can we do to help our animals survive this heat trapping period?  Identify the risks to animals and create an app reflecting information on how families can protect their pets.

Design a Planet in Jeopardy board game.  Generate 25 questions about the consequences of the warming of the planet (in five different categories, i.e. extreme weather, and five questions in each category). 

Make an i- movie in which you feature your study of (or an actual interview of) climate champions.  Pick five champions, describe their platforms and show how they have motivated people to transform their thinking on climate change.

Your choice; pick a topic you are passionate about and create an original presentation; your ideas drive the learning process!

Estimate your carbon footprint.  Analyze the impact of your food consumption, the clothing you wear, your energy usage, and your transportation choices.  Help participants estimate and reduce their carbon footprints.  Graphs, slides, and any other visuals are encouraged.

Create a mural showing endangered species; develop an oral presentation describing the impact.  Invite participants to draw their own renderings.

Build a model of the greenhouse effect.  Discuss each greenhouse gas and its impact on the environment.  Explore the impact of the government’s recent decision to relax restrictions on methane emissions.

Write an original musical score reflecting your interpretation of what’s happening to the planet.  Integrate with visuals.

Canada and other countries have been exploring a process called carbon sequestration.  Create a presentation explaining how the process works and then evaluate the pros and cons of the process. 

Figure out the percentage of land lost to deforestation in 2019.  How does this compare to the amount of deforestation during the year you were born?  Explain your calculations.  Present a panel discussion on the consequences of deforestation, with an emphasis on the destruction in rainforests.

Design a survey related to climate change.  For example, “to minimize toxic emissions, will you give up wearing blue jeans or using air conditioning (both energy intensive):  yes or no?”  Draw a hypothesis, describe how you collected data, and report your findings.  Discuss the implications of your findings.

Innovate; invent creative options to solve climate change or minimize warming. Consider an invention related to the following:

  • Building electronic airplanes
  • Designing a sustainable city (that could even weather a hurricane)
  • Creating sustainable farming techniques
  • Improving mass transportation
  • Creating a plan to fight bug infestation
  • Developing a plan to cool the oceans;
  • Developing tools to monitor extreme weather

In his book, An Inconvenient Sequel, Truth to Power, former Vice President Al Gore, argued that climate change has caused food scarcity.  In addition to rising temperatures, Mr. Gore identified a number of contributing factors, including raging wildfires, floods, pests, and plant diseases.  Identify areas around the world that are experiencing food scarcity or water shortages and explain why.  Convene a panel to discuss ways in which populations can adapt.

It has been argued that most young people believe that climate change is a serious threat, but that a fair number of adults are skeptical.  Create an advertising pitch to transform the thinking of the climate skeptics.  Feel free to make a commercial, a slide show or any other presentation that you find will convey the urgency of the climate crisis.

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