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Stern is submitting for author, Lily Rue, a climate change activist in middle school

  • November 03, 2020 3:10 PM
    Message # 9343203
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Climate Change 

    By: Lily Rue

    Climate change is one of the biggest issues impacting our planet, so how come we don’t do anything about it? Because if we don’t start now, there will be no planet to fix in the future. As Terri Swearingen said, “We are living on this planet as if we have another one to go to.” I think that these are very intelligent and insightful words.

    Around 1990 scientists started to notice that we were exceeding climate ranges by vast amounts. They labeled this as climate change. Climate change is described as a change in weather conditions over a long period of time. But it is not happening as slowly as it should, due to us, humans.  

    Greenhouse gases are the main reason for climate change, greenhouse gases are when the atmosphere traps heat trying to get into space. Some of those gases are water vapor and  carbon dioxide. Some people are surprised that water vapor is partly to blame in the whole effect of climate change, but it is. Heat from Earth's surface  is soaked up by water vapor, and then the vapor radiates heat in every direction. Carbon dioxide is another part in climate change. It  traps thermal energy causing the planet to get warmer.

    The effects of climate change are  like links to a chain, they all connect. If one thing happens, it sends a chain reaction from one problem to another. But the biggest effects are ice caps melting alarmingly fast and sea levels rising to extreme measures. 

    The ice caps melting has been occurring even before the major effects of climate change sunk in, but in 2019 the caps were melting six times faster than in 1990. That is a very big change in the past 30 years! Many great scientists have come up with solutions that could work to slow the melting process, but like most solutions, they cost money and time. The best thing we can do right now is to use less gas and electricity. 

    The rising sea levels are a reaction to the ice caps melting. Over the last three decades, some of the oldest ice in the Arctic has been reduced by 95%, and all of that is now ocean water. The rising rate went from 0.1 inches per year in 1990, to about 0.13 inches in 2018. That is extremely fast and much above what it should be.  Soon the oceans will rise enough for the Earth to flood, this will result in the deaths of millions of people, and parts of our globe will be gone forever. We can slow the sea level rise by stopping the caps' extreme melt down. 

    You don't have to be  a scientist to help the cause, you can be helping a lot and not even know it. Just taking the bus instead of driving to work is helping release less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere! Or by telling people about climate change is a big deal, the more people who know about it the better. We still have time to fix the rip in the fabric we created, we just need to pick up a needle and start sewing.

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