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Oak Park Book and Speaker Series

Your fellow members around Oak Park have put together a monthly get together beginning in October 2018.  The overall plan is to invite in a speaker on a subject one month and then the next month to read a book, often related to the previous speaker.  These gatherings are scheduled for Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. at the MusikGarten, 907 South Lombard Ave. in Oak Park.  

October 18, 2018: SPEAKER 

Sheryl Stoller: 
What Does Gifted Look Like? Unexpected Characteristics of Gifted Children And What You Can Do to Help Them

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not easy to identify a gifted child. We will discuss the characteristics of gifted children, including those who are culturally or economically diverse and those with learning disabilities and what a parent can do to help them thrive.

November 8, 2018: BOOK      

Parenting Gifted Children 101: An Introduction to Gifted Kids and Their Needs
by Tracy Inman and Jana Kirchner

An "introductory course" in raising gifted children. We all lead busy lives; sometime we don’t get through the book. That’s okay! Come anyway!

Some of the following plans are still being finalized. Once they are finalized you will see a Learn More and Register button.  

January 24, 2019: SPEAKER

Brandon Tessers:
Procrastination and Perfectionism: Two Sides of the Same Anxious Coin

There are few things more frustrating and painful than watching our gifted children struggle with perfectionism or procrastination, knowing they are not executing at the level of which they are capable. The good news is that these behaviors are not ingrained. In fact, they are symptoms of something else. Something that can improve. In this presentation, a counselor who specializes in working with gifted children will explore the underlying, root causes of perfectionism and procrastination and their relationship to anxiety, skill gaps, and asynchrony. Attendees will learn strategies to use in helping gifted children overcome these harmful behaviors.

February 21, 2019: BOOK 

Perfectionism: A Practical Guide to Managing "Never Good Enough" 
by Lisa van Gemert

Learn more about perfectionism and get some hands on tips to use with your kids. We all lead busy lives; sometime we don’t get through the book. That’s okay! Come anyway!

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March 14, 2019: SPEAKER 

Kathleen Crombie:

Twice Exceptional Kids

More details coming soon, check back!

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April 18, 2019: BOOK 

Ten Things Not to Say to Your Gifted Child: One Family's Perspective, 
by Nancy Heilbronner

We all lead busy lives; sometime we don’t get through the book. That’s okay! Come anyway!

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These sessions will be held at MusikGarten Studio of Oak Park,
907 S. Lombard Ave. in Oak Park.
Many thanks for their support! These events are brought to you free of charge, but an occasional donation or other support of our venue would be greatly appreciated

Interested in helping us start a series someplace near your?  Let us know! 

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