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Kids Climate Summit

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A guide for Kids interested in participating in the Summit.

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getting Started 

Team up with you friends or peers (working alone is fine, too) and find an adult who is willing to be your coach. 

Have your coach pre-register your teamPre-register


Brainstorm a topic.  Remember, you can choose any topic that relates to our global climate.  Follow your passions. 

Need to jumpstart your thinking?  Find ideas below:

Suggested Topics:                                               

Topics on causation:                                                  

Greenhouse Effect and fossil fuels                             

Topics related to warming consequences:                    

Food Scarcity                                                                           

Floods, pests, droughts, and plant diseases                 

Deforestation (Rainforests and elsewhere)                      

Bleached coral reefs                                                                  

Melting ice (glaciers and Polar Regions)                        

Extreme weather                                                                         

Topics related to solutions:                                                          

Propose ways to cut carbon footprint                                

Implement new farming strategies                                      

Research sustainable cities                                                

Report on renewable energy systems                               

Analyze carbon sequestration processes                           

Explore ways to cool the oceans                                        

Protect endangered species                                       

Connect your topic to a presentation format

Suggested Presentation Formats: 

Map global impact                                                                     

Graph changes to the environment over time

Develop tools to monitor the warming climate

Create a survey

Design an app

Present interviews (of climate champions)

Construct a model

Convene a panel of student scientists/experts

Write a musical score related to climate

Write a narrative, skit or I-movie     

Paint murals interpreting climate change

Prepare maps or blueprints

Design a game that explores climate change

Present a mock debate

Conduct an experiment and present findings

Devise a community action plan

Design a website

Need some help connecting your topic to a presentation format?  Below is an exemplar of how to integrate topic and presentation options:  
Chosen topic, i.e., Greenhouse Skeptics:  Tell why this topic is meaningful to you, i.e., some adults in my community are resisting action on climate change because they don’t fully understand the issue. 

Chosen presentation format:  Our team will create an advertising pitch to transform the thinking of the Greenhouse Skeptics.  Our pitch will include diverse viewpoints on global warming.  We will examine reasons advanced by Greenhouse Skeptics to support their denial of climate change.  We will seek to counter those arguments by presenting global and national data on warming, including our generation’s perception of climate change.

Submit your proposal 

Proposals will be accepted starting December 1,  2019 and are absolutely due by January 17, 2020 at 11 p.m.  We will ask you to attach a one page or less response to the questions below. Be sure to answer all questions.

We want to know why you chose your topic. What aspects were meaningful to you? How is your topic relevant to the current climate crisis? Explain your reasons for selecting a particular presentation format. Also, give us a brief description of the resources you or your team plans to use. Think about research requirements, supplies for experiments, potential interviews of experts and professionals as well as any presentation tools you will need. May 2, 2020 will come sooner than you think. Provide a timeline for meeting presentation goals. Know that we will support you throughout this process.

We will evaluate your proposal on the following criteria:

Criteria Demonstrated in Proposal Great work Good work Needs work Comments

Selected a personally meaningful and relevant issue

Incorporated facts, connections, and perspectives related to topic

Demonstrated analytical or original ideas or both

Planned carefully: listed resources, including visual aids, explained topic and prepared a timeline

Continue working on your project and refine your presentation 

Receive an invitation to present at the Kids Climate Summit.   Invitations will be issued at the beginning of February.

Present at the Kids Climate Summit on May 2, 2020

About CGCC

The Chicago Gifted Community Center (CGCC) is a member-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by parents to support the intellectual and emotional growth of gifted children and their families. 

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