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Kids Climate Summit

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There are many ways you can support the Kids Climate Summit. 

Supporting the summit

We are eagerly looking for the following: 

  • Sponsors to 
      • help us defray the cost of the summit (we hope to make participation in the summit free to all so that we can maximize our down state and low income participants) 
      • provide logistic support for the summit
In exchange, we will have opportunities to be in contact with the participants and their families at the summit, hand out materials to all participants, and have your logos printed on either t-shirts or swag bags.  
  • Individuals with climate knowledge to be
      • Climate experts to help groups of kids in developing their presentations. Each group of kids will have a coach, so this is an advisory role only.  (Of course, if there are individuals who want to coach teams we’re all for that!) 
      • Climate visionaries to see the kids’ presentations on May2, 2020 and provide feedback and encouragement. These individuals will legitimize the kids’ efforts.
  • Volunteers to 
      • help in the planning and execution of the Summit or 
      • coach teams or to provide support to team coaches.
  • Activities for these young climate activists to participate in going forward. We envision that post-summit they will want to continue to be involved in climate issues. If you have activities for consideration, please submit them to us.

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