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Climate Change Bibliography

Below please find first a listing of organizations who are working in Climate related areas with a link to interesting climate related information on their website.  

Below that are links to a series of articles about Climate, organized by topic area. 

Below that are links for climate conscious investing.  

Many thanks to Rowland Davis for sharing his extensive library of articles with us. 

Organizations with useful websites:

In no particular order, sorry. 

Chicago Collections

Wild in the City: Chicagoland's Urban Ecology:

US Global Change Research Project is made possible by our participating agencies. Thirteen Agencies, One Vision: Empower the Nation with Global Change Science.

American Audubon Society

Where have all the birds gone? North American has lost 3 billion birds since 1970.

Chicago Botanic Garden botanic garden celebrates world environment day.

The Jason Project and Climate Change


NOAA---National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

World Wildlife Foundation

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


A student’s guide to global warming (updated last on 5/9/17)

Previous EPA research has been known to improve knowledge of the health and environment effects of climate change and provide sustainable solutions for communities to effectively manage and reduce the impacts of a changing climate.

Chicago Council on Science and Technology

The Chicago Council on Science and Technology’s (C2ST) mission is to enhance the public’s understanding and appreciation of science and technology and their impact on society.

National Geographic for Kids

State Climatologist office for IL 

Living Lands and Waters

Field Museum

Adaption and mitigation

Museum of Science and Industry

Natural History Museum of New York

climate change exhibit

Our warming world

Consequences of climate change

The Green New Deal

What is it and will it work?

Paris climate agreement synopsis

Union of Concerned Scientists

Union of Concerned Scientists

Oxford Martin School 

Environment | Oxford Martin School

Climate Reality Project 

Your Guide Climate Action 2020

New Climate Institute

Publications - NewClimate Institute

Utility Dive 

Utility and Energy Transmission & Distribution News | Utility Dive

International Renewable Energy Agency

IRENA – International Renewable Energy Agency

Beyond Carbon

Look Up Your State | Beyond Carbon


Statistical Review of World Energy | Energy economics | Home

Climate Central

Research | Climate Central

Climate Impact Lab

The Climate Impact Lab team combines experts from the University of California, Berkeley, the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC), Rhodium Group, and Rutgers University. 

Interactive Impact maps 

Climate Impact Lab

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LLNL Flow Charts

CDP Disclosure Insight Action

Rating of corporations and cities on a climate report card. A-List 

2017 - Cities Community Wide Emissions | CDP Open Data Portal

International Energy Agency

World Energy Outlook 2019 – Analysis - IEA

Energy and Policy Institute

Watchdog exposing the attacks on renewable energy and countering misinformation by fossil fuel interests

Rocky Mountain Institute

Rocky Mountain Institute

Brookings Institute

Cross-Brookings Initiative on Energy and Climate


Climate Accountability Institute

Climate Accountability Institute

Project Drawdown


Bottle Store  (thank you to Erin Collier)

From Plastic Pollution to Global Warming: Top Environmental Issues We're Facing Today

Climate-related Articles:

Organized by topic area

Climate science & risks

The science and politics behind climate change

We really may have just 11 years to save the climate

CMIP6: the next generation of climate models explained | Carbon Brief

Climate Models Got It Right on Global Warming - Scientific American

Climate Model: Temperature Change (RCP 4.5) - 2006 - 2100 Dataset | Science On a Sphere

Greta Thunberg is right: It’s time to haul ass on climate change - Vox

Opinion | What Kind of Problem Is Climate Change? - The New York Times

Will climate change kill everyone — or just lots and lots of people? - Vox

World Meteorological Organization |

The Race of our Lives Revisited

Climate change: From the beginning, models have been remarkably accurate - Vox

This graphic explains why 2 degrees of global warming will be way worse than 1.5 - Vox

All the risks of climate change, in a single graph - Vox

Shut Up, Franzen - Scientific American Blog Network

Scientists Have Been Underestimating the Pace of Climate Change - Scientific American Blog Network

Current Warming Is Unparalleled in the Past 2,000 Years - Scientific American

Climate Change Is a Fourfold Tragedy - Scientific American Blog Network

Global Warming: How Hot, Exactly, Is it Going to Get? - Scientific American Blog Network

Climate "Tipping Points" Could Add Trillions to the Costs of Warming - Scientific American

What's in a Half a Degree? 2 Very Different Future Climates - Scientific American

Limiting Warming to 1.5° Celsius Will Require Drastic Action, IPCC Says - Scientific American

WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin. No 1: 14 March 2006 - GHG-Bulletin-15_en.pdf

Climate change raises the geopolitical temperature | Financial Times

Newly Identified Jet-Stream Pattern Could Imperil Global Food Supplies - Scientific American Blog Network

Worst Case for Climate Change Doesn’t Look Realistic - Bloomberg

These Are the Biggest Climate Questions for the New Decade - Scientific American

Half a Degree and a World Apart: The Difference in Climate Impacts Between 1.5˚C and 2˚C of Warming | World Resources Institute

In Australia's Burning Forests, Signs We've Passed a Global Warming Tipping Point | InsideClimate News

Interactive: The impacts of climate change at 1.5C, 2C and beyond | Carbon Brief

Earth's Hottest Decade on Record Marked by Extreme Storms, Deadly Wildfires | InsideClimate News

State of the climate: How the world warmed in 2019 | Carbon Brief

The Worst Climate Scenarios May No Longer Be the Most Likely - Scientific American

Carbon budget & emissions gap

Carbon Emissions Show No Signs of Peaking - Scientific American

Hopes for Cutting Carbon Do Not Yet Match Reality - Scientific American

Planned Fossil Fuel Extraction Would Blow Past Warming Limits - Scientific American

Liebreich: Peak Emissions Are Closer Than You Think – and Here’s Why | BloombergNEF

Natural Gas Use Is Rising: Is that Good News or Bad News for the Climate? - Scientific American Blog Network

Carbon Budget

GCP - Carbon Budget

UNEP: 1.5C climate target ‘slipping out of reach’ | Carbon Brief

U.S. Emissions Dropped in 2019: Here's Why in 6 Charts | InsideClimate News

Full report – BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2019 - bp-stats-review-2019-full-report.pdf

Committed emissions from existing energy infrastructure jeopardize 1.5 °C climate target | Nature

Preliminary US Emissions Estimates for 2019 | Rhodium Group

CTI_Narrative_Infographic_Jan_2020_3_NE - CTI_Narrative_Infographic_Jan_2020_3_NE.pdf

Fossil fuels - general

Friendly policies keep US oil and coal afloat far more than we thought - Vox

The Economics of Clean Energy Portfolios - Rocky Mountain Institute

Oil & gas

Exposing a Hidden Climate Threat: Methane ‘Super Emitters’ - The New York Times

Can a Big Oil Company Go Carbon-Free? - Scientific American

Sky scenario | Shell Global

More natural gas isn’t a “middle ground” — it’s a climate disaster - Vox

We now have a dollar value for one of oil’s biggest subsidies - Vox

Shell’s vision of a zero carbon world by 2070, explained - Vox

Climate Concerns Are Pushing Oil Majors to Look beyond Fossil Fuels - Scientific American

Repsol’s net zero ambition: joining the dots - Carbon Tracker Initiative

Exxon: The Road Not Taken | InsideClimate News

Saudi Aramco/global warming: carbon bargain | Financial Times

Johan Sverdrup: Norway’s big bet on a rosy future for oil | Financial Times

Big Oil spent $3.6 billion to clean up its image, and it’s working | Grist

2020 outlook: Natural gas faces regulatory, environmental scrutiny but still wants role in carbon-free grid | Utility Dive

IEEFA report: Oil majors live beyond their means ‒ can’t pay for dividends, buybacks - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

Fossil Fuel Companies Are Grappling with Climate Change - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

Natural Gas Prices - Historical Chart | MacroTrends

Is Natural Gas Really Helping the U.S. Cut Emissions? | InsideClimate News


And Now, the Really Big Coal Plants Begin to Close - Scientific American

Coal left Appalachia devastated. Now it’s doing the same to Wyoming. - Vox

Powering down coal: The economic case for a global coal phase-out is stronger than ever - Carbon Tracker Initiative

IEEFA U.S.: The coal rebound that didn’t happen - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

U.S. coal-fired power plants closing fast despite Trump's pledge of support for industry - Reuters



2020 Outlook: Coal faces headwinds from aging plants, adverse market signals and high remediation costs | Utility Dive

BlackRock’s Climate-Conscious Tidal Wave Breaks on Coal - Bloomberg

Brutal year for U.S. coal companies shows that markets trump rhetoric - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

IEEFA Update: America’s Coal Industry Is in Trouble - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

Moody’s reaffirms its negative outlook on U.S. coal sector - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

Renewables - general

Too much wind and solar raises power system costs. Deep decarbonization requires nuclear | Utility Dive

IRENA – International Renewable Energy Agency

Renewable energy: getting to 100% requires cheap energy storage. But how cheap? - Vox

Renewables are winning the economics battle against new coal and gas, stunning study shows – ThinkProgress

New Energy Outlook 2019 | Bloomberg New Energy Finance | Bloomberg Finance LP

Renewable energy: the global transition, explained in 12 charts - Vox

Renewable energy is catching up to natural gas much faster than anyone thought - Vox

Is 100% renewable energy realistic? Here’s what we know. - Vox

A beginner’s guide to the debate over 100% renewable energy - Vox

The 2020 U.S. Renewable Energy Outlook_ FINALv3.pdf

Clean Economy Weekly Newsletter | InsideClimate News


Climate change: Heliogen has a clever solution to one of the trickiest heat problems - Vox

Solar panels now cost less. Thank government policy. - Vox

Solar panel tech: robots, floating power plants, and 2-sided panels are coming - Vox

Solar Energy Isn’t Just for Electricity - Scientific American Blog Network

The dark side of solar

America's Concentrated Solar Power Companies Have All But Disappeared


Building the Wind Turbines Was Easy. The Hard Part Was Plugging Them In - WSJ

Wind energy: turbines are getting taller, bigger, and more powerful - Vox

Q&A: How viable are floating offshore windfarms? | Carbon Brief

Offshore forecast fears blow through European wind farms | Financial Times

Do These Scary-Sounding Phenomena Spell Doom For Wind Power? (Spoilers: No)

IEEFA U.S.: Wind farms are forever - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis


Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) – Geoengineering Monitor

Investigation: Does the UK's biomass burning help solve climate change? | Carbon Brief


Does Nuclear Power Slow Or Speed Climate Change?

CNN climate town hall: a guide to the debate about nuclear power - Vox

Scientists assessed the options for growing nuclear power. They are grim. - Vox

Nuclear power is half of America’s clean electricity. Here’s how to save it. - Vox

The simple argument for keeping nuclear power plants open - Vox

We Can't Solve Climate Change without Nuclear Power - Scientific American Blog Network

(6) Are you clear on nuclear? | LinkedIn

IAEA Expands International Cooperation on Small, Medium Sized or Modular Nuclear Reactors | IAEA

Small nuclear power reactors - World Nuclear Association


Not All Hydropower Is Climate Considerate - Scientific American

Climate Impacts of Hydropower: Enormous Differences among Facilities and over Time | Environmental Science & Technology

Syn fuels & hydrogen

Natural gas plant replacing Los Angeles coal power to be 100% hydrogen by 2045: LADWP | Utility Dive

The (Green) Hydrogen Economy is About to Take Off – The Energy Transition Magazine

Solar and Wind Power Could Ignite a Hydrogen Energy Comeback - Scientific American

Green Hydrogen Could Price Gas Out of Power Markets by 2050 - Bloomberg

Hydrogen’s Decarbonization Impact for Industry - Rocky Mountain Institute


Two British companies confident of nuclear fusion breakthrough | Financial Times

Electric power & grid

Utility and Energy Transmission & Distribution News | Utility Dive

Joe Daniel | Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate change: California solves batteries’ embarrassing problem - Vox

Renewable energy: digital circuit breakers could help the grid become much smarter and cleaner - Vox

Renewable energy threatens to overwhelm the grid. Here’s how it can adapt. - Vox

Solar and wind power are growing. Grid managers need to get ready. - Vox

Solar power’s greatest challenge was discovered 10 years ago. It looks like a duck. - Vox

National energy grid: it might finally be time to build one - Vox

Meet the microgrid, the technology poised to transform electricity - Vox

As Coal Fades in the U.S., Natural Gas Becomes the Climate Battleground - The New York Times

Utility carbon targets reflect decarbonization slowdown

The Growing Market for Clean Energy Portfolios + Prospects for Gas Pipelines in the Era of Clean Energy - Rocky Mountain Institute

Utilities can profit from a DER-heavy future by transitioning from traditional business models: report | Utility Dive

Opinion | What Will It Take to Clean Up the Electric Grid? - The New York Times

Home - Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology

Energy Policy Solutions - Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology

Maximizing Value from DERs Through Value Stacking | SEPA

To Store Renewable Energy, Try Freezing Air - Scientific American

Utilities Have Big Plans to Cut Emissions, But They’re Struggling to Shed Fossil Fuels | InsideClimate News

Clean Economy Weekly Newsletter | InsideClimate News

Transmission Emerging as Major Stumbling Block for State Renewable Targets | Greentech Media

2020 Utility Dive Outlooks: What's in store for coal, gas, renewables, DER and beyond | Utility Dive

Hawaii Is a Test Bed to See if Renewables Can Meet Peak Energy Demands - Scientific American

Transportation & EV’s

The oil industry vs. the electric car - POLITICO

Electric vehicles could be Colorado’s most powerful climate tool - Vox

Electric vehicles will render the fight over fuel economy standards moot - Vox

Electric buses are coming, and they’re going to help fix 4 big urban problems - Vox

The world’s largest car market just announced an imminent end to gas and diesel cars - Vox

The electric vehicle carbon emissions debate | FT Alphaville

Wells, Wires, and Wheels - EROCI and the Tough Road Ahead for Oil - Investors' Corner


Climate change: this problem is bigger than cars and much harder to solve - Vox


Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) – Geoengineering Monitor

Climate change: Is enhanced oil recovery a friend or foe? - Vox

Climate change: 6 uses for CO2 that could cut emissions and make money - Vox

Climate change: pulling CO2 out of the air could be a trillion-dollar business - Vox

Scientists Back Efforts to Pull CO2 from the Atmosphere - Scientific American

Fact Sheet - An Introduction to PET (polyethylene terephthalate) | PETRA: Information on the Use, Benefits & Safety of PET Plastic.

Climate change: How to build a circular economy that recycles carbon - Vox

Bid to Cut Carbon-Capture Cost 80% Gets Nudge in Joint Venture - Bloomberg

Afforestation & reforestation

The Carbon Bomb - Scientific American Blog Network

Massive Forest Restoration Could Greatly Slow Global Warming - Scientific American

The Best Technology for Fighting Climate Change Isn't a Technology - Scientific American Blog Network

To Combat Climate Change, See the Forest for the Trees - Scientific American

Amazonian tree species threatened by deforestation and climate change | Nature Climate Change

Sustainable building: The hottest new material is, uh, wood - Vox

Tropical forests losing ability to absorb CO2, study says | Carbon Brief

Land management

How a closed-door meeting shows farmers are waking up on climate change - POLITICO

Can Soil Microbes Slow Climate Change? - Scientific American

Building a 100 Percent Clean Future Can Drive an Additional $8 Billion a Year to Rural Communities - Center for American Progress


The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is boosting state economies in the Northeast - Vox

American energy use, in one diagram - Vox

The U.S. Is Ignoring the Climate Benefits of Heat Pumps - Scientific American

Carbon pricing

Carbon pricing: you can’t keep a good idea down | Financial Times

Carbon Pricing Is Not a Fix for Climate Change - Scientific American Blog Network

The Trouble with Carbon Pricing – Energy Institute Blog

Carbon tax debate: the top 5 things everyone needs to know - Vox

A carbon tax supported by big oil and Bush-era lobbyists. What? - Vox

Applying Asset Pricing Theory to Calibrate the Price of Climate Risk - w22795.pdf

Would a Green New Deal Add or Kill Jobs? - Scientific American

A fair and simple way to tax carbon emissions | Financial Times

Offset markets

Global Climate Survey.pdf

Boom times are back for carbon offsetting industry | Financial Times

JetBlue Moves to Become First Carbon-Neutral U.S. Airline - Bloomberg

Climate denial / skeptics

Climate Models Got It Right on Global Warming - Scientific American

The five corrupt pillars of climate change denial

WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin. No 1: 14 March 2006 - GHG-Bulletin-15_en.pdf

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency | BioScience | Oxford Academic

Conservatives probably can’t be persuaded on climate change. So now what? - Vox

Global Warming Is Not Part of Natural Climate Variability - Scientific American

The Increasing Irrelevance of Climate Change Denial - Scientific American Blog Network

EPA Head Targets "Worst-Case" Climate Scenarios - Scientific American

Extreme Events "Virtually Impossible" without Warming - Scientific American

Freight Railroads Funded Climate Denial for Decades - The Atlantic

A Coal Baron Funded Climate Denial as His Company Spiraled Into Bankruptcy - The New York Times

How we know that global warming is real - Washington Post

Blackboard economics and a carbon tax | Utility Dive

Opinion | Australia Shows Us the Road to Hell - The New York Times



Enlightened ESG investors engage, but retain right to divest | Financial Times

IEEFA testimony: Support for Massachusetts bills allowing fossil fuel divestment - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

Resources - Fossil Free California

Fossil Free

PERI - Economics and Climate Justice Activism: Assessing the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement

The Divestment Penalty: Estimating the Costs of Fossil Fuel Divestment to Select University Endowments by Bradford Cornell :: SSRN

Fossil fuel supply: why it’s time to think seriously about cutting it off - Vox

The McKibben effect: a case study in how radical environmentalism can work - Vox

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math - Rolling Stone

Fossil Free California

Fossil Free PERA Colorado

Fossil Free New York – Divest New York

(PDF) The Path to Fossil Fuel Divestment for Universities: Climate Responsible Investment

Carbon Risk & Fossil Fuel Divestment - IEN New

Examining the Impact of Divestment from Fossil Fuels on University Endowments by CJ Ryan, Christopher Marsicano :: SSRN

Epiphany Declaration: 20 Christian organisations divest from fossil fuels

Half UK universities commit to divesting from fossil fuels | Financial Times

I - NYCNYS-pension-funds-should-divest-coal-stocks-IEEFA-Final58141.pdf

New York state pension fund considering divestment from 27 coal companies - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis


About Us | Ceres

Investors Start to Force Companies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases - Scientific American

ESG controversies wipe $500bn off value of US companies | Financial Times


Fiduciary Duty in the 21st Century Final Report – United Nations Environment – Finance Initiative


Chevron 2016 proxy votes

The Future of ESG Data | Generation Investment Management LLP

Barclays pressed to stop financing some fossil fuel groups | Financial Times

Biggest asset managers attacked over role in climate change | Financial Times


State Street vows to turn up the heat on ESG standards | Financial Times

Church of England joins passive push with climate index | Financial Times

Environment Program Request for Proposal: Aligning Passive Investment with Paris Climate Goals

Investment risks from transition / stranded assets

Tighter climate policies could erase $2.3 trillion in companies value: report - Reuters

Investors can change the narrative on climate transition | Financial Times

Big-name US investors take aim at beaten-up energy sector | Financial Times

Implications of climate change: a challenge or an opportunity? | Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

Debt Investors Are Cutting Off Financing for Fossil Fuels - Bloomberg

2degrees-investing – Aligning Finance with Climate Goals

Investment risks in carbon-dependent industries - MSCI

Big Money Starts to Dump Stocks That Pose Climate Risks - Bloomberg

Home - Carbon Tracker Initiative


Energy Transition Research and Investing | Fossil Free Indexes

Companies See Climate Change Hitting Their Bottom Lines in the Next 5 Years - The New York Times

Tullow shares plummet 70% after group cuts production outlook | Financial Times

The cost of inaction - The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)




Navigating climate scenario analysis – a guide for institutional investors – IIGCC

International pension association releases guide to addressing climate change | Benefits Canada

Russell Investments Decarbonization strategy - russell-investments-decarbonization-strategy.pdf


Microsoft Word - Investment Consultants and Green Investment - 25.08.2015 - final.docx - wp-investment-consultants.pdf

Natural Gas Boom Fizzles as a U.S. Glut Sinks Profits - The New York Times

NGFS - First comprehensive report

The Power of Finance – The Energy Transition Magazine

2020 Vision: why you should see the fossil fuel peak coming - Carbon Tracker Initiative

IPR equity results - download

Forecast Policy Scenario: Equity Markets Impacts | Reports/Guides | PRI


Timehorizons_v41 (without related projects) - Tragedy_of_the_Horizons_Project_Briefing_Note-2dii_and_The Generation_Foundation.pdf

PowerPoint Presentation - 2ii_Adaptive Capacity_v0.pdf

Carney warns of climate change hit to corporate assets | Financial Times

The Lost Decade: Energy Stocks Seek Relevancy as Investors Flee - Bloomberg

U.S. coal companies battered by investors in 2019, leading sector index drops 53% - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

Balancing the Budget: Why deflating the carbon bubble requires oil & gas companies to shrink - Carbon Tracker Initiative

Richmond Fed est of GDP impact

The Decline of Coal in Three Charts

BlackRock shakes up business to focus on sustainable investing | Financial Times

Larry Fink CEO Letter | BlackRock

Climate change will reshape markets, McKinsey warns | Financial Times

Latest Research & Perspectives | Cambridge Associates

The green swan - Central banking and financial stability in the age of climate change - othp31.pdf

IEEFA update: The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for oil and gas - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

S&P: Enel’s shift from coal to renewables a ‘key credit strength’ for Italy-based company - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

Disclosure (TCFD, SASB, etc.)

Will the taxonomy deliver? :: Environmental Finance

About Us | Ceres

EU taxonomy technical report by the TEG - June 2019 - 190618-sustainable-finance-teg-report-taxonomy_en.pdf

Final Report: Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (June 2017) - TCFD

Annex: Implementing the Recommendations of the TCFD (June 2017) - TCFD

Technical Supplement: The Use of Scenario Analysis in Disclosure of Climate-related Risks and Opportunities (June 2017) - TCFD

Big investors turn screw over climate pollution disclosure | Financial Times

Changing Course: A comprehensive investor guide to scenario-based methods for climate risk assessment, in response to the TCFD – United Nations Environment – Finance Initiative

How will the EU’s system for classifying green investments work? | Financial Times

Bank of England to set up tough climate stress tests | Financial Times

PowerPoint Presentation - Hit-and-Miss-About-TCFD-Disclosure-Guidance-for-Financial-Institutions.pdf

Fossil fuel companies claim they’re helping fight climate change. The reality is different. - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures | TCFD - Homepage

Discussion Paper: The 2021 biennial exploratory scenario on the financial risks from climate change - the-2021-biennial-exploratory-scenario-on-the-financial-risks-from-climate-change.pdf

TCFD-BASED REPORTING - e9a55ef5-e119-c477-4f05-a8a526946c8d

The alphabet soup of green standards needs a new recipe | Financial Times

Annual Corporate Governance & Executive Compensation Survey - 2019 Corporate Governance & Executive Compensation Survey


Larry Fink rules on the best global standards for climate risk reporting | Financial Times

Transition pathways 

Transition Pathway Initiative

A Nobel Prize for the creator of an economic model that underestimates the risks of climate change - Grantham Research Institute on climate change and the environment

Sky scenario | Shell Global

Book The Economics of Climate Change_WebVersion.pdf

Energy transitions are usually slow. Here’s why the clean energy transition might be faster. - Vox

Climate models underestimate economic damages and overestimate policy costs - Vox

Framework_Jan 10 17.pdf

Recalibrating Climate Prospects - Rocky Mountain Institute

Climate Change - Oliver_Wyman_Climate_Change_Managing_A_New_Financial_Risk_paper.pdf



Simple Rules for Climate Policy and Integrated Assessment

Liebreich: Peak Emissions Are Closer Than You Think – and Here’s Why | BloombergNEF

Financial markets are mispricing climate risk | Blogs | PRI

The energy transition will not come cheaply | Financial Times

Q&A: How 'integrated assessment models' are used to study climate change

Paris Climate Agreement passes the cost-benefit test | Nature Communications

Steven Mnuchin is wrong about climate economics | Financial Times

United Nations (ICPPA, UNEP, etc.)

The Paris climate agreement is at risk of falling apart in the 2020s - Vox

Global investor group urges action on climate change | Financial Times

Climate Talks Kick Off: Here Is What's at Stake - Scientific American

US federal policy

Congressional Policy Tracker: Everything you need to know from carbon capture to wind energy | Utility Dive

Federal Government Is Failing on Climate Readiness, Watchdog Says - Scientific American

Democratic debate 2019: 10 questions for a serious climate change debate - Vox

Congress Must Do More to Counter Trump Administration’s Assault on Climate Science - Center for American Progress

RELEASE: CAP Issues Framework for 100 Percent Clean Future by 2050 - Center for American Progress

What Is the Green New Deal? A Climate Proposal, Explained - The New York Times

What Is a Green New Deal? | Sierra Club

The Green New Deal, explained - Vox

We Need a Massive Climate War Effort—Now – Mother Jones

Jay Inslee climate plan: how to phase out fossil fuel production in the US - Vox

Here’s the Reader’s Digest Version of My Climate Argument – Mother Jones

Mike Bloomberg has a plan to clean up electricity and it doesn’t need Congress - Vox

Democrats outline sweeping legislation to make U.S. carbon neutral by 2050 | TheHill

CLEAN Future Act Memo 01.08.20.pdf

Central banks begin to grapple with climate change | Financial Times

How Dodd-Frank Could Curb the Climate Crisis—Right Now - Roosevelt Institute

A Regulatory Green Light: How Dodd-Frank Can Address Wall Street’s Role in the Climate Crisis | The Great Democracy Initiative


US state & city policy

Cities Look to Natural Gas Bans to Curb Carbon Emissions - Scientific American

Chicago nonprofits train South Side youth as energy efficiency ‘ambassadors’ | Energy News Network

How Does Your State Make Electricity? - The New York Times

New York passes the country’s most ambitious climate target - Vox

Climate change policies that work: a simple guide - Vox

Cities Are Behind in Gauging Their Climate Risk - Scientific American

Accelerating America's Pledge | Americas Pledge On Climate

Renewable developers raise eyebrows over GMP green energy trading app - VTDigger

Road to 100: How four cities are leading the renewables revolution | Utility Dive

Renewable energy policy: one weird trick to pass it in any state or city - Vox

California’s rooftop solar panel mandate: the case for and against - Vox

Investigations of ComEd, Exelon lobbying threaten Illinois energy transition | Utility Dive

Illinois Chamber: Clean Energy Jobs Act will inflict billions in increased costs on ratepayers | Utility Dive

Court Throws Hurdle in Front of Washington State’s Drive to Reduce Carbon Emissions | InsideClimate News

States Vowed to Uphold America’s Climate Pledge. Are They Succeeding? | InsideClimate News

FERC gets around: PJM super MOPR — an around-market solution for the around-market solutions | Utility Dive


Non-US policy

The Netherlands contemplates the world’s toughest climate law - Vox

The EU releases its Green Deal. Here are the key points

COP25 Ended in Failure. What’s the Way Forward?

Norway resists growing environmental pressure over oil | Financial Times

Organization links

Joe Daniel | Union of Concerned Scientists

Environment | Oxford Martin School

Transition Pathway Initiative

Publications - NewClimate Institute

Utility and Energy Transmission & Distribution News | Utility Dive

2degrees-investing – Aligning Finance with Climate Goals

IRENA – International Renewable Energy Agency

Look Up Your State | Beyond Carbon

Climate Strategy — Vivid Economics - Putting economics to good use

New Energy Outlook 2019 | Bloomberg New Energy Finance | Bloomberg Finance LP

Home - Carbon Tracker Initiative

About Us | Ceres


Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis - Accelerating the transition to a diverse, sustainable and profitable energy economy : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

Statistical Review of World Energy | Energy economics | Home

Research | Climate Central

Energy Transition Research and Investing | Fossil Free Indexes

2017 - Cities Community Wide Emissions | CDP Open Data Portal

Rhodium Group - Leading Independent Research Providor

Climate Impact Lab


MSCI Climate Change Indexes - MSCI

LLNL Flow Charts

IIGCC – The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change

Ceres | Sustainability is the bottom line.

Carbon Underground 200 | Fossil Free Funds


World Energy Outlook 2019 – Analysis - IEA

Energy and Policy Institute - Watchdog exposing the attacks on renewable energy and countering misinformation by fossil fuel interests

Rocky Mountain Institute

Cross-Brookings Initiative on Energy and Climate


Climate Accountability Institute


What Summit organizers are reading:

Bennett, J. (2016). A global warming primer, answering your questions about the science, the consequences and the solutions. Boulder: Big Kid Science.

Gates, W. (2020) How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: the Solutions we have and the Breakthroughs we Need. New York: Knopf.

Gore, A. (2017). An inconvenient sequel; Truth to power, your action handbook to learn the science, find your voice and help solve the climate crisis. New York: Rodale.

Margolin, J. (2020). Youth to Power, your voice and how to use it. New York: Hatchette Book Group, Inc.

Schlossberg, T. (2019). Inconspicuous consumption, the environmental impact you don't know you have. New York: Grand Central Publishing.

Thunberg, G. (2018). No one is too small to make a difference. London: Penguin Books.

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