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Kids Climate Summit 2022:

Make Some Noise!

Kids Climate Summit 2022: Make Some Noise!

While we were unable to host a Kids Climate Summit for 2022, the community still was able to MAKE SOME NOISE! We are excited to present the submissions to the Climate Change NOISE Challenges. Please enjoy these amazing works and we hope they inspire you to learn more about the climate.


Kids small and big

Running and playing

Do make all the difference

Once our world was healthy and thriving

Now our world is ill and failing

Kids small and big 

Helping and hoping

Do make all the difference

Once our world was healthy and thriving

Now our world is ill and failing

Kids small and big

Making and creating

Making more difference than anyone

Once our world was healthy and thriving

Now our world is ill and failing

Pollution, Food waste, and Deforestation

Are among the many

That cause the bad

Once our world was healthy and thriving

Now our world is ill and failing

Water waste, Habitat loss, and Poaching

Are among the many

That cause the bad

Once our world was healthy and thriving

Now our world is ill and failing

The kids can make a difference

by Lyra R.

There are 6 pages of submissions to be viewed:

Page 1 - Alaina M., Roycemore Roots and Shoots Club, Linden P., Andrew M., Linda Wallin, Claire Bermaum, Mariana M., Inika

Page 2 - Lyra R., Amelia R., Emilie B.

Page 3 - Anika Chandola, Laxmiprasad, Anika B.

Page 4 - Srinrsimha Katakam, Anisha K.

Page 5 - Nora Berbaum, Kalyan

Page 6 - Celsey O'hare, Brynne O'hare

The Options We Have

Take a moment to think of your life now in the present day. I want you to think of the choices that you have and the decisions that you make. Think of all the places you want to go to, the cars you drive, and the daily habits you have. Now I want you to picture your life three or four decades into the future. Picture the way you want it to look.

We are currently (and have been for decades) ignoring data and research that shows us the dangerous consequences our actions have on the planet. Our actions can and will completely alter the planet in which we live in. The world we live in will never be the same. People are denying the facts and silencing the constant pleas for change from scientists and activists worldwide. More and more disastrous events will occur if we do not do anything about this issue. Non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels, supplies us with oil for planes, cars, and other forms of transportation, which largely contribute to the rise in CO2 emissions. We have to seek out different forms of energy that are cleaner. Diets are to blame as well and changing it will be very beneficial considering the a single cow can produce about two hundred and twenty pounds of methane in one year, and methane as we know is much more powerful than carbon dioxide. Both companies and governments should share the responsibility for this ongoing damage to our planet. It seems necessary for companies and governments to work together toward establishing rules and regulations to control this issue. Ethical will and doing the right thing for future generations should come before profit.

The decisions and conflicts you face today will undoubtedly shape our future. So you should think twice about your decisions. You should think about the effect that every single decision will have. If oil companies, politicians and other public figures won’t stop this issue we must. We might not have started this problem, but we sure can be a part of the solution. We must step in and take action since no one else will. We have to stop brushing this mess to the side and letting someone else clean it up. This is the greatest issue we have faced; the last thing we want is for future generations to resent us for not stopping this issue when we had the chance to. So the next time you take a flight half way across the world, or eat a hamburger, or even pump gasoline into your car, think of the way it is effecting the planet. Think of all the various options you have to make a difference and the benefits they can have on the planet. In order to help our planet, we have to start by changing ourselves.

by Amelia R.

How Climate Change Affects Marine Life

Includes a special interview with a sarcastic fringehead!

You may not be aware, but climate change does affect marine life. When greenhouse gases catch more energy from the sun, those gases trap heat and warm the oceans. This process causes ocean surface temperatures to escalate, melt ice, and generate rising sea levels.

Heat absorption also makes the oceans more acidic, and heightening ocean acidity can cause it to be incredibly difficult for marine organisms to build their skeletons and shells. The increased ocean temperatures also result in the widespread migration of these species, or possibly extinction. More than 80% of the earth’s aquatic species are traveling.

On top of that, many of us eat fish. Since aquatic species are at risk, this could be a problem for us, as it removes a source of food. Plus, the jobs of many could be influenced as well. For example, fishermen’s job relies on fish, meaning if their catch migrated, they could lose their job, or have to move.

As you can see, we have a lot of problems. Some can be fixed over time, and some just can’t, such as the fish migrating. You can’t exactly move the fish to where you want them, because moving them back would most likely cause them to die.

Now I think it’s time for a bit of humor. I am going to interview my favorite fish friend: Fringy, a sarcastic fringehead.

EB: Hi Fringy, are you ready for the interview?

F: What do you think? I’m never ready!! Why are you interviewing me?!

EB: So the first question. What is your view on climate change?

F: Well.....Climate change is the worst!!!! Humans need to fix their mistakes, and fast, because it’s not like us fish can do a thing! Side note: A couple of things that you need to fix: Carbon emissions, The Great Pacific Garbage Microplastic Patch (which I may say is three times the size of France), melting glaciers, and wildfires.

EB: Aw, thanks, Fringy. Real uplifting. Next question! Do you think we can save our planet if we try?

F: One word: Maybe. It depends how quickly and smartly you people act.


EB: Touche. Okay, um, can you say a few words on how destructive climate change is?

F: Yes. I personally don’t really enjoy how I have to migrate so much because of ocean acidity. It is so frustrating to have to move myself from a nourishing habitat. And since I’m elderly, then it’s hard on my tired fins.

Also, wildfires are so dangerous and chaotic, meaning that so much human history can be gone in minutes. For example, if the redwoods burned up, it would be really depressing.

And our world is suffering so much that I think it’s time we make a difference. I mean, I think it’s time you HUMANS make a difference.

EB: Wow, Fringy, that was poetic. Now, I’d like you to tell our readers what things they can do to make a difference.

F: Well, I think if you take shorter and not as warm showers, eat less meat overall, drive less, and lower your electricity usage, you could definitely make a difference.

EB: That was a great response, thank you. Hope you had a fun time today!

F: You didn’t achieve your hope, then. Ciao!

EB: Wait, doesn’t that mean hello? Oh, wait, it also means goodbye….

by Emilie B.

How Your Habits Can Change the World

We need to change our ways as consumers. Climate change isn’t going to stop itself; we need to make a bigger impact! I think that we can make a difference by changing our consumer habits, but it’s not going to be easy.

First of all, the average CO2 emission per capita in the United States is an astounding amount: about 16 metric tons. And part of the problem is that we, in the United States, often find it tough to understand the impact on the environment of the things we purchase. Can you say which box of lettuce is the most ecologically sound? Or your outfits, car emissions, and electronic devices? No!

Of course, that’s not the only problem. Another is that some people just don’t care about acting on climate change. I honestly don’t understand why certain people aren’t committed to reducing their emissions. They don’t want to ride their bikes to work or school; instead, they’d rather be in the air conditioning of their car, for their comfort alone. They are failing to consider the damage to the environment.

A lot of families, when picking up their children from school, idle in their cars while waiting for the students to exit the building. Still, some schools are pushing back, posting “No Idling” signs or other warnings.

But what worries me is that people don’t realize that if they carry on without changing their lifestyle, their lifestyle will be destroyed at some point. Right now, aside from flooding and drought, we are not feeling the greatest impact of climate change. But people from Guatemala are. Their crops are failing and they are being forced to leave their homeland to farm in heartier regions.

Time is running out!!

We can’t remain in our nice comfortable life, because climate change is real. It is not some conspiracy going around on the internet. There are a lot of people out there thinking the wrong things about climate change simply because they read misinformation on the internet. A great thing to do is to see if the site you're reading is a .org site or a .edu site. These websites provide us with meaningful, scientific research on the climate crisis. And this is what we need to remember.

What matters to me is to remind myself and others that global action on the climate crisis is multiplying, and with help from people acting on the climate crisis, we can change the world.

by Emilie B.


Flowing, transparent

Hydrating, polluting, depleting

Brimful of fish


by Emilie B.

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