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Chicago Gifted Community Center

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frequently asked questions

How do I prove my child is gifted?

We do not ask for proof. If you feel you are raising a gifted child, come join us. You will be asked why you feel your child is gifted, just answer honestly.

Gifted is a loaded term I don’t want my child saddled with.  Can you call your community something else?

Gifted may not be your ideal term, but it is a common vocabulary from which people can discuss what it means to them. We do not feel that gifted children are entitled, but they are different and raising them comes with its own challenges that we all share. 

Why should I join, when I can attend many of your events anyway?

We hope that you will join to help us continue to support gifted families. We are an all-volunteer organization that relies solely on membership fees to pay for all of our administrative expense. Members also receive a discount to select events. 

I would love to join, but the membership fee is too much for my family at the moment, do you offer waivers?

Of course we do! Contact us confidentially at:

I have one gifted child and one not gifted, can they both participate in CGCC activities?

We are a welcoming community.  Everyone is welcome to attend and to participate.

I've heard CGCC is mostly for homeschoolers. I've heard CGCC only focuses on schooled kids. Is that true?

We are a member-driven organization and our activities reflect the events members are motivated to organize. Usually there is a mix of events that work for the wide range of educational philosophies in our gifted community. And you are invited to arrange more that suit your family's approach.

About cgcc

The Chicago Gifted Community Center (CGCC) is a member-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by parents to support the intellectual and emotional growth of gifted children and their families. 

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We  are an all volunteer-based organization that relies on annual memberships from parents, professionals, and supporters to provide organizers with web site operations, a registration system, event insurance, background checks, etc. 

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