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Chicago Gifted Community Center

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In Chicago and the suburbs            

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Professional Membership

The Chicago Gifted Community Center is an all volunteer, local, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by parents of gifted children in 2011.

We invite companies, organizations and professional practitioners who work with gifted children, their families and/or their parents to become professional members of our organization. 

We also welcome anyone interested in supporting the CGCC mission to join us. 

Benefits of Professional Membership

  • Support for our mission and for gifted families in the Chicago area.
  • Entry in the online CGCC Professional Member Directory, including contact information, website link, services offered and experience with the gifted.  We hope this will become the go to source for families with gifted children.
  • Inclusion of your gifted-oriented events on our curated, members-only Area Events Calendar, highlighted to indicate you are a Professional Member.
  • Periodic mention of your relevant events in our monthly updates and other communications.
  • Listing of your summer camps and other activities on our Summer Programs page, again highlighted to indicate Professional Membership.
  • Opportunities to speak at CGCC events, or write pieces for CGCC publications or blog posts
  • Invitation to participate at events such as our annual picnic.
  • Invitation to periodic gifted roundtables hosted by CGCC. This will serve as both a way of expanding our support for gifted children and their families, and also a networking opportunity for our professional members.

We hope to work with you in other ways to help support our mission.

Cost of Professional Membership

Our annual professional membership fee is $50. 

We try to make CGCC membership affordable for all our members. We also try to make our events and activities affordable to make them accessible to as many families as possible.

Additional tax-deductible donations are always welcome!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our students (clients) are gifted, but giftedness is not a requirement, can we still be a professional member?

There is no assumption that you would only work with the gifted.  If you feel our members will be interested in your services, please join us!

We work with homeschoolers and might be in competition with your LOGYC Homeschool, can we still be member?

Gifted homeschoolers come in all shapes, sizes and locations.  LOGYC is not the right place for all kids and many of our homeschooling members value other options. Furthermore, LOGYC students do things the other 6 days a week!

Would you consider co-sponsoring events with us?

Yes!  We would love to.  Contact us with your ideas and suggestions. All members are invited to create events! 

We would like to support your mission but don’t see ourselves as professional members, can we help in some other way?

We would love to work together to help gifted families in ways that make sense to you.  Please contact us.  And of course we are always happy to receive tax deductible donations!

We are just getting started, is there any discount pricing available? 

There might be, let’s talk!

About cgcc

The Chicago Gifted Community Center (CGCC) is a member-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by parents to support the intellectual and emotional growth of gifted children and their families. 

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We  are an all volunteer-based organization that relies on annual memberships from parents, professionals, and supporters to provide organizers with web site operations, a registration system, event insurance, background checks, etc. 

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