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CGCC Parenting Gifted Series

Do you have a great idea for a speaker, a topic you are eager to discuss or a fabulous place where a CGCC discussion event could take place? Would you like to start a discussion series somewhere near you? Let us know!


Past Hinsdale Schedule

January 22nd, 2014: Lauren Callaway on Characteristics of Gifted Children 

February 11th, 2014: Amanda Vogel on Executive Function

March 19th, 2014: Catherine Gruener on Young Gifted Children

April 24th, 2014: Jen Merrill on Twice Exceptional Children

May 14th, 2014: Tara Lenga on Stress in Gifted Children 

September 23, 2014: Newenka DuMont – Gifted 101
October 14, 2014: Mark Telaga - Gifted Boys: What Makes Them Tick?
October 16, 2014: Joan Smutney - Smart Girls: Playing the Game
November 11, 2014: Sheryl Stoller - Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in Gifted Children
December 9, 2014: Michele Kane - Gifted Moms and Dads
January 13, 2015: Amanda Vogel - Motivation: Empowering Your Child to Embrace Learning
February 17, 2015: Rhonda Stern - Advocacy: When to Ask For More And What to Ask For
March 10, 2015: Catherine Gruener - Executive Functioning: Helping Your Child Take Control

April 14, 2015: Sally & Jim Thomson - The Perfect Procrastinator: Perfectionism, Procrastination and     Underachievement
October 26, 2015: Prof Michele Kane - Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration
November 17, 2015: Kimberlee and Ian King - Is it AD/HD or is it an OE?

February 16, 2016: Rhonda Stern - Imaginational Overexcitabilities: Can a Kid Be Too Imaginative?

March 15, 2016: Debra A. Johnson - Gifted and Sensational
April 12, 2016: Catherine Gruener - Emotional Overexcitabilities: Wow... Are Those Feelings Intense!

Past Chicago Schedule

November 2012: A Parent's Role in Educating Highly Able Children with Newenka DuMont

December 2012: Twice Exceptional with Jen Merrill

January 2013: Overexcitabilities with Lauren Callaway

February 2013: Sensory Issues with Debra Johnson

March 2013: Competition Participation with Maury Neiberg

April 2013: Strategies to Support the Young Gifted Mind with Tara Lenga

May 2013: Gifted: Communication and Relationships with Sharon Collins

June 2013:  Emotional Safety and the Gifted with Cathy Risberg

October 28th, 2013:  Dr. Michele Kane on Living with Intensity 

December 9th, 2013: Andy Mahoney, M.S., L.C.P.C. on Executive Function

January 13th, 2014: Jen Merrill on Twice Exceptional

February 17th, 2014: Lauren Callaway on Overexcitabilities

March 17th, 2014: Dr. Michele Kane on Advocating for your Gifted Child
January 22, 2015: Newenka DuMont -  Gifted 101
March 5, 2015: Lauren Callaway - Overexcitabilities and the Gifted Child

April 16, 2015: Rosina Gallagher - What's a Parent to Do? Anxiety and Depression in Gifted Children

October 29, 2015: Sheryl Stoller on Staying Level Headed and Connected in Over-the-top Interactions

December 3, 2015: Andy Mahoney and Mark Talaga - Gifted: A Rose by Any Other Name

January 14, 2016: Dr. Gretchen Witte Glader  - The Power of the IRDIPAN

February 25, 2016: Alyssa Coburn - Nurturing Persistence: Encouraging a "Growth Mindset"

April 7, 2016:  Rhoda Rosen - Gateway to Opportunity: Identifying and Developing your Child's Talent  

Thanks to all of our presenters for providing support to the gifted community.    


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