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CGCC Gifted 101: Things to Know About Raising a Gifted Child

  • July 25, 2017
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Skokie Public Library, Book Discussion Room
  • 21


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Roundtable Discussion led by

Newenka DuMont

Gifted 101: Things to Know About Raising a Gifted Child

CGCC Parenting Gifted Seminar

Skokie Public Library

5215 Oakton Street

Skokie, IL

Did you know that gifted children share many characteristics? For example, some gifted children:

  • Dislike noisy places
  • Reject most kinds of socks and want the tags cut out of clothes
  • Create imaginary friends
  • Move or fiddle with things constantly
  • Daydream extensively
  • Feel enormous empathy
  • Only reluctantly learn to swim or to ride a bike or tie a shoe
  • Worry about world peace and global climate change at a very young age

Please join us for a round table discussion about giftedness. We will discuss characteristics of gifted children, some of the challenges of raising them, gifted testing and identification, and different approaches to education. We will also talk about gifted programming and the laws governing gifted education. 

Our discussion will be lead by CGCC president Newenka DuMont, the mother of two gifted daughters, Illinois Association for Gifted Children board member and SENG model parent group facilitator.  

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