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LOGYC Fall 2018 - Exotic Mammals - and What is a Mammal, Anyway? (5-9)

  • September 07, 2018
  • 10:50 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Central Skokie
  • 0


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What is a mammal, a reptile, an amphibian? What, for that matter, do we mean when we say something is "alive?"

This class will explore animal classification through the lens of Mammalia, learning about how and why animals are classified by focusing on some of the most peculiar species on our planet (present and past).

Classes will include learning, art projects, and games. Questions are highly encouraged! We look forward to going deep into this fascinating topic with your favorite little mammal.

Teacher: Sarah Alexander and April Flickinger

Minimum/maximum number of students: 4/10

Age range: 5-9

Price: $26

Sarah Alexander reluctantly admits to membership in Mammalia, though she would rather be a Draco Nobilis in the order Reptilia. On the other hand, when she was young and people told her she could grow up to be whatever she wanted to be, her response was always "If that's so, then I want to grow up to be a walrus." She is still working on that life goal...

April Flickinger is super excited to help teach this class on exotic mammals. I love animals! I live with and grew up with plenty of mammals. Anybody else have a goat follow you to school? I live with my husband, one daughter (Stella), a cat, dog and plenty of fish. Want some guppies? I volunteer for a cat rescue to help get them out of the Chicago pound and fostered dogs from there years ago, as well as running a homeschool Girl Scout Daisy troop. I love making up funny songs with Stella, running (soon, I'll get back to it), teaching and learning all over again. I went to Purdue for undergrad and Loyola Chicago for my MBA. Go Ramblers! 


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