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LOGYC Winter-Spring 2019 - Water color workshop (6-12+, adult)

  • January 25, 2019
  • 10:50 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Central Skokie
  • 8


Registration is closed
  • Learning Objective; How to design a good composition compared to a bad composition. The relationships between objects and using positive and negative shapes so to arrange the development of movement and balance that have meaningful placements that create interest for the viewer. Quick over view on simple perspective and depth in a piece. 
  • Learning Objective; Simple exercises creating swatches with the brush on Value and Color
  • Learning Objective: Learning hands on with my instruction and examples I create. How to control the water and color with the brush using different techniques.
  • Learning Objective; Arranging a Palette, Value with color.
  • Learning ObjectiveHands on exercises with my instruction using several small landscapes and different compositions for children that keep their interests. I created these exercises with a limited palette and composition for examples to learn how to control the water and color mixing values and to practice watercolor techniques on watercolor paper.

Teacher: Mio Brown Street

Minimum/maximum number of students: 6/12

Age range: 6-12+, adults welcome

Price: $180.50

Note to parents; please make sure your child is prepared for each class with all supplies on the list. Thank you.

Supplies required:

1 – Paper towels

2- Wax Paper

3- Proper brushes

4- Reference photos on what you would like to paint.

Dick Blick’s Catalog 800-447-8192

Call Dick Blick’s to order the correct brush for multi-use (the brush is vital in the Teaching of watercolor.)              1-800-447-8192

I also use the Japanese Sumi Master’s techniques in the study of watercolor and they use the Bamboo brush .

Dick Blick’s Catalog

pg. 247

Blick’s White Goat Hair Bamboo Brushes on pg.247

*1 @ #G05402-1008 SIZE 8   Diameter 5/32” Length ½” inch Cost   $3.78

*1 @ #G05402-1016 SIZE 16 Diameter 1/4 “ Length 1” inch     Cost   $4.18

Pg. #252 in the Dick Blick Catalog

*1  # G03041-1010        A- Round 10- well Tray                   Cost      $0.86   

1* #G03041-1000                         Plastic Tray Cover          Cost        $0.91                                                                          

* 1 pad of Water color paper, I did prefer the Canson Watercolor paper 30 SHEETS. Cold press11x 15 inch 140 lb. 300 g.( you can purchase this paper @ Walmart.)                                                                                Cost        $18.00                                                         

I did use and prefer this paper in my watercolor class at the College.

* 1 Reeves Watercolor 12/18 color set IN TUBES. Watercolor set at Walmart or Jo-Ann fabrics                                                                          Cost     $18.00

Total cost 45.73  All costs are estimates .

Mio Brown Street has a degree from The College of Du Page for Commercial Art , Design and Illustration, where shemaintained a 4.0 average grade. She teaches art at the Community College of Lake County, Adlai Stevenson High School, Montessori School and privately. She has studied Sumi Japanese ancient watercolor techniques and incorporates that technique in the watercolor class.


Family must register for LOGYC Coop in order to sign up for classes.

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