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Ace the Application

  • August 11, 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Online Webinar

Are you worried that your student doesn't know how to create his or her strongest college application?

This year alone, my students have been accepted to every Ivy and Stanford, including five students accepted to Stanford, three students accepted to Harvard, two to Princeton, two to Yale, three to Columbia and two to Brown.

My students were also admitted to a host of other selective colleges, including U. Chicago, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Berkeley, UCLA, Georgetown, NYU, UVA, Tufts and more.

Want help for your student?

Ace the College Application Online Workshop

offered by Susan Goodkin, California Learning Strategies Center 

In this online program, I'll teach your student how to make his or her strongest case for college admission, from creating compelling essays, activity lists, and honors lists to knowing how to shine on interviews -- and much more!

Parents are welcome to join!

The online workshop will also get students started on their applications early, reducing the stress for them and you.

In this interactive program, students will complete exercises before and during the workshop, as well as receiving a 25+ page handout that will help guide them as they continue to work on their applications.

Can't make the online workshop live?

A recording will be sent to all registrants. You and your student can listen -- and re-listen -- at your convenience!

Plus, in addition to Q & A sessions at each workshop session, I'm also offering a special live Q & A session in August for workshop participants and their parents --I'll answer questions after your student has had time to attend or listen to the online workshops and work on their applications!


The Online Workshop Will Cover Topics Including:

  • How to Think Like An Admissions Officer!
    • Understanding what admissions officers want to learn from the application -- and creating an application strategy that makes them want to accept you
  • H ow to Write a Great Personal Statement Essay
    • What colleges are looking for in the essay
    • Common mistakes to avoid
    • How to write a compelling opening -- with examples
    • How to use humor
    • Actual essays that work. . . and essays that don't
    • Exercises for choosing an essay topic
    • Tips for each of the common application prompts
  • The Secrets to Writing a Great "Why Here Essay"
    • Why this essay is so important to admissions officers
    • How to do the research to write a compelling "why here" essay for each college
    • Examples of strong "why here" essays, whatever your student's strengths and interests
  • How to Create a Compelling Activities List/ Resume
    • Why a strong activity list is more critical than you think!
    • How to wow college admissions officers at a glance
    • How to avoid the most common critical mistakes
    • Detailed examples to help students create great activity lists and resumes
  • Tips For Making the Best Use of the "Additional Information" Section
    • What to include to strengthen your application
    • How to avoid the usual mistakes
  • How to Strengthen Applications with Great Recommendations
    • What colleges want to see in recommendations
    • Which teachers you should ask for recommendations - - and which teachers you shouldn't ask
    • What teachers should never say in a recommendation
  • How to Strengthen Interview Skills for Scholarship and College Interviews
    • How to prepare for interviews
    • What to do -- and not do -- during interviews
    • Tips from college and scholarship interviewers


Question and Answer Sessions (for students and parents) at the end of each workshop, plus an additional live question and answer session later in the summer!

Exercises that will get students started on their essays

Exercises that will help students quickly and effectively create compelling activity lists

A 25+ page handout that will guide students throughout the application process

This is a two-session online workshop, with a third live Q&A session in August

Session I: We'll discuss the personal statement essay, "why here" essays, and recommendations. Students will also participate in brainstorming exercises and writing exercises that will get them started on their essays!

Session II: We'll discuss the activities list, honors list, additional information, resumes, and interviews. We'll also discuss the essays and exercises students will be asked to work on after Session I, and will get students started on their activity list. We'll also have brief mock interviews for students interested in practicing their interviewing skills.

Session III: If you and/or your student have general questions about the application process after listening to the online workshops and/or working on the applications, join me for a live Q & A session.

Can't attend the live sessions?

All sessions will be recorded and the recordings will be sent to each registrant within 24 hours of the session.

Online Workshop Dates and Times:

Session I will be offered on Sunday, July 14th

Time: 4-5:30 pm Pacific Time, 5-6:30 pm Mountain Time, 6-7:30 pm Central Time, 7-8:30 pm Eastern Time.

Session II will be offered on Sunday, July 21st

Time: 4-5:30 pm Pacific Time, 5-6:30 pm Mountain Time, 6-7:30 pm Central Time, 7-8:30 pm Eastern Time.

Session III (Live Q and A session) will be offered on Sunday, August 11th

Time: 4-5:00 pm Pacific Time, 5-6:00 pm Mountain Time, 6-7:00 pm Central Time, 7-8:00 pm Eastern Time.

Can't make the live online workshop sessions? A recording will be sent to all registrants within 24 hours after each live program is presented.


Early registration discount: register by Tuesday, July 2nd, only $249Regular registration price: $299

Questions? E-mail or call Susan at 805-642-6686 (9-6 PT)

Click here for complete details and registration.

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