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CGCC Unmasking Masculinity: A Discussion Group for Teen Boys

  • December 22, 2019
  • 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM
  • Private Home, Forest Park
  • 6


Registration is closed

Join our unique discussion group for teen boys. You still can join the group. At the first meeting we watched and discussed the movie, "The Mask You Live In."  See a trailer of the film here

Discussion Group Details:

For the bulk of recent history many boys have been made to hide their emotions, define their strength by domination, and revel in whatever piece(s) of the intersectional power pie they were served at birth. But with each passing generation they are looking for a more complete humanity that lets them feel fully, communicate vulnerably, find strength in mutual honor, and participate in a world premised on justice for all. To meet these needs, this discussion group for teen boys will explore together with an experienced facilitator, what it means to be a man today. While dads are awesome role models, sometimes it's nice to come together with teens your own age and a facilitator who's younger than your dad and has a better understanding of what you're going through.

Using books and films as a jumping-off point, this group is for thoughtful young men who want to explore what it means to become a man, how to be true to yourself and how to be when you reject traditional masculinity. In order to maintain our collective focus, boys will be required to read/watch the assigned book/movie before each meeting.

This is way more than a book club, this is a discussion group and safe space. This kind of group is common for girls, but much harder to find for boys. As socially acceptable modes of expression for boys have shrunk over the years, even as they have grown for girls, this kind of group is needed more than ever.

Meets once per month in a private home in Forest Park, address sent upon registration.

Ages: 13-18 years old. Group size limited to 10. 

Member fee $170, Nonmember fee $180

First meeting was November 24. Next meeting is December 22. It is not too late to join! Remaining tentative dates: 1/26, 2/23, 3/22, 4/26

Facilitator bio: Raised in the South of the United States and educated in the North, Walker Parrish is familiar with the trials of youth, the bigotry of the world, the wisdom of feminism, and the self-love it takes to find your own identity as a man in the new era. For the past four years he has tutored a number of subjects, building relationships with the many tweens and teens that make up the Chicago homeschooling community. He leads private tours through Japan for his students and their families. Most recently he was invited to join a group of moms, and in October he co-led a retreat (Being In Your Moon) in the Michigan woods for young girls reaching puberty. See his work at:

From the group organizer, Elaine Luther:

“I’ve known Walker for four years, he’s been my kids’ writing teacher. He’s a sensitive teacher, able to give feedback that is at once encouraging and constructive.

When I dreamed up this discussion group, I immediately thought of Walker, he’s kind, philosophical, respects teens and really listens to them.

Kids need people in their lives who are not parents, and whose age makes them more relatable for the kids.”

Sensitive Issues Permission:

Dear Parents/Guardians: Please be aware that the topics which will be covered in this series of discussions could be considered to be of a sensitive nature. Activities are designed to assist boys in improving self-esteem,  enhancing decision making skills,  and improving boys’ abilities to communicate effectively with others. The all-boy format of the discussion group provides a safe environment for boys to discuss sensitive issues. While of course we will share the titles of books and films utilized, we cannot predict every topic the boys themselves may raise.  By registering your child in this discussion group series, you give permission for your child to participate in these discussions. During the registration process, you will be asked to confirm your acceptance.

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