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ONLINE Gifted Adults and Conflict: How to Diffuse Drama

  • April 07, 2020
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Online SENGinar

Gifted adults often have deep values, passionate commitment, emotional sensitivity, and lots of ideas. Disagreements can be intense. Given the speed at which gifted adults process the world, escalation can happen explosively. Groups of gifted adults are often high drama communities.

Gifted adults benefit when they learn how to manage disagreements well and deescalate conflicts without sacrificing their sense of integrity and commitment.

When gifted adults disagree about things they care deeply about, conflicts can get ugly fast if not handled well. The combination of passion and speed can escalate a simple misunderstanding to a ruptured relationship.

Gifted adults may also have a history of bad experiences working in groups where their ideas were not understood or other people couldn’t keep up with them. In groups and teams, they may be used to having to do all the work themselves or accepting work that doesn't meet their standards. As a result, they may have difficulty trusting group processes.

Handling conflict and other emotionally-charged conversations at the speed of gifted requires advanced communication skills.

Kate Arms will present the three key elements of handling hard conversations well, the four ways things go off the rails and how to recover, and tips on how to approach developing new conflict-management skills.

$20 SENG members, $40 non-members
All registrants will have access to the recorded SENGinar.

Deadline to register: 4/7, 4:00 PM

Click here for complete details and to register.

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