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2020 Kids Virtual Climate Summit

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A Welcome Message

from Kids Climate Summit founder, Rhonda Stern: 


A Message from our Sponsor

Lisa Albrecht 

Keynote Address

by Professor Pravica

"Climate change is personal to me because if nothing is changed, whatever is left of the world [will be] my home."

Hannah, Jewel Middle School

"We need your help to keep our earth's the only Earth we have."

Bella, Asher, and Leah

Roycemore Academy

Student Presentations

And now for the good stuff - our student team presentations! Of our 64 groups, 19 (no 21!)  were able to complete projects, despite the pandemic. These projects are presented below. We grouped our teams into "rooms," based on the topics of their presentations.  Between now and the end of May, please provide positive, helpful, constructive feedback to the teams on the Kids Climate Summit Dialog and Feedback Forum.

 Dialogue and Feedback Forum


Jewel Middle School, Aurora
       Carbon Airplane Emissions in Illinois

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Jewel Middle School, Aurora
       How Pesticides Impact Climate Change and Human Health

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Jewel Middle School, Aurora
       Deforestation and How it Effects the Climate

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Team Ammonians, Beverly Homeschool, Beverly

See it

Team Good as Gold, but Greener, The Tinkerer School
       Mining - Part Problem, Part Solution

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Vertical Beleafers, Francis Granger Middle School
       Food Scarcity and Vertical Farming

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Climate Action Team, Roycemore School, Evanston
       Climate Floods: The Future, How and Now 

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Team The Last Straw: Field-Stevenson School, Forest Park
       Ocean Plastics

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Team Polar Bear, Grant-White School, Forest Park
       Arctic Ice Melt

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Jewel Middle School, Aurora
       Stop the Plastic Water Pollution

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Jewel Middle School, Aurora
       Climate Change and Human Rights

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Jewel Middle School, Aurora
       How Climate Change Affects Illinois

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Midwest Academy for the Gifted, Chicago
        The Best Exit Sign Light Bulb 
for the Environment and your Wallet

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Roycemore School, Evanston
       Arctic Animals and Climate Change 

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Team CoolDown KCS from Mill Street Elementary School, Naperville
       Nuclear Waste

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Roycemore School, Evanston
       A World Without Plastic

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Team Refork, Homeschool, Westmont
       The Environmental Cost of School Lunch Programs

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Team Science is for Girls, Thompson Middle School, St. Charles
       Can Microorganisms Slow Climate Change? 

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Power Innovators, LOGYC Homeschool Coop, Skokie 
       Does anyone have a clue as to why our planet is warming?

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Team Cool Earth Society, Grant-White School, Forest Park
      Life Changing Climate Act

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Homeschool, Hinsdale
       Climate Change Explained in Minecraft

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For an overview of what we anticipated for the Kids Climate Summit on May 2, 2020 and as a tribute to those teams who were unable to participate, please see our

Earth Day Presentation  

In closing, we want to offer up a huge:

Thank You!!! 

Thank You to our Volunteers for their assistance and dedication!

Thank you to our Sponsors for their belief in us!

Thank You to all the Coaches, who were willing to work with groups of kids on climate issues!

Thank You to all the Experts who volunteered their time and energy to make this a meaningful
experience for the kids! 

Thank You to the Schools and Organizations who dedicated time and resources to making
the Kids Climate Summit successful.

Thank You to the young Artists at Science and Arts Academy for their artwork.

And a very special Thank You to the staff at Illinois Math and Science Academy
for their unwavering support and dedication.

Please plan to join us next April for the Kids Climate Summit 2021 at IMSA!

Sponsors Experts

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