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Carbon Airplane Emissions in Illinois

  • May 19, 2020 12:44 PM
    Message # 8979679
    Newenka DuMont (Administrator)

    By Jewel Middle School, Aurora

  • May 28, 2020 4:01 PM
    Reply # 8998968 on 8979679
    J. Moller

    You clearly did your research!  There is a lot of information in your presentation but it is still concise.  

    I like how you talk about the difference in airplanes and how they are made, this is not information that a lot of people know about.   I would like to see more information on this and what developments there are to make flying sustainable (I am not aware of too many other than not flying). 

    I thought the slides flowed nicely the only one that took me by surprise was the one with the human figure showing how CO2 effects our health.  You mention health effects in another slide and this slide seemed to shift the focus a bit although you quickly got back on track.  I would consider deleting or modifying this slide. 

    I am very impressed with your level of knowledge on the topic.  Good work.  

  • May 29, 2020 11:13 AM
    Reply # 9000995 on 8979679
    Lisa Albrecht

      Thanks for tackling such an important subject!  This was a very compelling presentation that I think many people can relate to this topic. It’s too bad at we are not able to meet in person as it would have been nice to hear you deliver this presentation.  I am sure you would have explained some of the slides in greater detail. I would enjoy hearing you explain your agreement as you clearly did a lot of research.

      One thing I would suggest to improve the presentation to add a hypothesis or agenda/outline in the beginning to explain what you are going to prove by the end.  The Cause & Effect slide started to do that but it isn’t related to airplanes so it wasn’t quite the right fit.  After reviewing your presentation I would say it was: 

      • CO2 is bad for a variety of reasons:
        • the environment will be altered by melting ice which may lead to land losses and animal extinction. 
        • It is also very unhealthy, causing health issues to humans. 
      • Planes are a cause of that pollution and therefore we should:
        • Have better airplanes like the 777
        • Try to fly less to eliminate the pollution they cause. 

    I appreciated that you sourced your references on your slides and the pictures were very good.  The slides were really interesting and I would have enjoyed talking to you about the subject.  Having an outline would have pulled it all together a little more for the user and probably made it easier for you to decide what to put in the presentation and what to keep out.

    Slide #5:  explains what airplane emissions are. Be careful about phrases like “the worst” and say things more like “one of the worst”. Science is evolving and definitive statements don’t leave room for change due to observation and conclusions of new data. 

    I particularly liked the honesty in “slide 18:  My input”.  You draw logical conclusions but admit you do not have 1st hand experience. That is important for a researcher.  I also found “Slide 19:  What you can do” & “Slide 20: Conclusion”  to be well stated and compelling reasons for people to change their behavior and you suggest alternative options. 

    Overall:  Great subject that we should all be addressing and thinking about regularly. Thank you.

  • June 04, 2020 1:52 PM
    Reply # 9015527 on 8979679
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Your topic taught me a great deal! I knew that air travel emits a great deal of CO2, but I didn't know the details. Thanks for your well-organized presentation!

  • June 13, 2020 9:50 AM
    Reply # 9034870 on 8979679

    It’s a pity that we couldn’t hear you deliver the presentation in person but you did a great job putting the slides together! The presentation is well structured and easy to follow. Well done!

    I like your suggestion at the end that people should consider different travel options so to reduce carbon emission, and I wonder some factors such as distance, size of vehicle also play critical roles in making this important decision. For example, if one person is traveling from Chicago to New York, will commercial flight be a better option versus driving by himself/herself in a SUV? It would be interesting to know!

    I also like your recommendation ‘not to use private jet’! I don’t have any private jet, but next time when a celebrity speaks for the planet, it’s a good idea to ask when was his/her last time fly in a private jet!

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