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Deforestation and How it Effects the Climate

  • May 19, 2020 12:45 PM
    Message # 8979683
    Newenka DuMont (Administrator)

    Jewel Middle School, Aurora

  • May 24, 2020 4:23 PM
    Reply # 8990557 on 8979683
    Alisa Singer, environmental graphite

    I thought this was a very thoughtful presentation. I especially liked the emphasis on the loss of animal habitat and the global perspective.

    A few things you might consider mentioning  - In addition to providing oxygen, trees store carbon which helps absorb fossil fuel emissions. When trees are cut down they release the stored carbon - double whammy - no longer do they absorb future carbon emissions, plus all the past stored carbon is released into the atmosphere.  

    Overall - very informative and well done!!!

  • May 27, 2020 11:26 AM
    Reply # 8995771 on 8979683

    First, this is such an important topic. Even during this global pandemic we hear of how the planet is breathing and healing with many things that impact the environment and climate have had to slow down. Your project shows that the forest need a break to breathe and recover. Obviously, money is the top driver to deforestation and destruction. People need to make a living and the forests need to be healthy and survive. Replacing and planting trees as you mentioned is a start, but one won't do it I think. Maybe trying to shift to emphasizing the replanting even more than one tree would have some impact. Your data and graphs were stunning. They should be shared. The data would help in having people plant more trees. How long would it take to replace some of the forests? Perhaps some of the tree selling companies would be enlightened by seeing your presentation. Maybe you could convince them for every tree purchased, they offer a seedling to a forest in trouble. I would send your project in print and digital format to the presidents of the countries you featured. I might even suggest presenting at your local library with someone from the county forest preserve which is another place to share your work. Would be nice if they shared it on the forest preserve website too. Keep the topic alive. Maybe make a digital children's book and have it shared in your school district to educate students in your district. Maybe a local greenhouse would donate a tree to the class who reads the book. Keep your great project alive. Don't let it end now. Share it and the message will have impact. You have a great project. The data is stunning and shocking and not many people know. Thank you for this project. It's a job well done. Excellent!

  • May 30, 2020 4:41 PM
    Reply # 9003702 on 8979683
    Lisa Albrecht

    Team Forest!

    Great presentation. I liked that you were able to incorporate sound into the slides - many adults do not know how to do so and this was very helpful. You are strong presenters, using a combination of graphs, visuals and data to make your points.  In particular it was clear that you rehearsed as you did a good job verbally.  You also did not read the slides verbatum which makes it a much more interesting presentation.  

    I really enjoyed that you focused on just on the Amazon Forest but also took the viewers on a tour of other forests and jungles, calling them out by name and identifying the risks and reasons for deforestation.  Sometimes you had a map to show the location of the forest you were discussing. That was helpful and it would be good to do so consistently as you traveled the world. 

    You make a very compelling argument for why the forests should be protected. I think you could add a few more solutions however.  When explaining the cause for deforestation, most of the time it was to raise cattle. The solutions you presented included mostly paper conservation which is incredibly important but you could have also added changing diets to reduce meat consumption as well as eating locally or growing your own food.  You also raise the issue of palm oil in the Borneo region in particular and could point out food choice options for reducing global palm oil usage.  To raise the stakes, you could also suggest that individual write to large food processors asking them to use alternative ingredients, further reducing palm usage and protecting forests. 

    Excellent presentataion. Thank you for taking on such an important and vital topic, particularly during a respiratory pandemic, to protect the lungs of the earth.  Great job to all of you. 

  • June 13, 2020 11:53 AM
    Reply # 9035137 on 8979683

    Very informative and persuasive presentation, well done! Deforestation is a serious issue as it contributes to 17% of global carbon emission (IPCC, 2007), and it is a very complex one as it impact millions of people’s livelihoods, especially those in developing countries.

    You provided a very comprehensive list of key forests in the world and their deforestation records, and most of those forests are tropical forests. The situation in temperate forest is different, as forest coverage has been increasing steadily. Maybe worth looking into that in more detail to see what have been done differently in those countries.

    In terms of what we can do to stop tropical deforestation, never underestimate your power as individuals. For example, you can go and ask your favorite food  brands (on social media or just call their customer helpline) and ask what are they doing to stop deforestation in their supply chains, if you see  palm oil, soy, beef or any other commodity in their ingredient lists. More questions will lead to more pressure on those companies, and eventually more actions will be taken.  

    Great presentation & well done!

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