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Kids Climate Summit 2021: Focus on the Community

Climate Change Writing Challenge


No one is too small [or too young] to make a difference (Thunberg, G.)

In anticipation of our second Kids Climate Summit, which will focus on community, we asked interested students of all ages to share their authentic concerns on climate change with someone running for office to represent them in the November 2020 election. 

We would now like to share some of the responses we received.

Dear Senator Duckworth,

I am writing to you to thank you for helping fight against the polluter, corruptor, and climate-damager known as Sterigenics. Your work was invaluable in shuttering the factory in my hometown.

However, despite the company's absence, the work is not done. Not in the slightest.

Companies all over the U.S. are still polluting the air with carcinogens, and this has a direct effect on climate. When gases such as ethylene oxide, the chemical that Sterigenics used, float around the upper atmosphere, they stay there and cause heat to be trapped in, gradually warming our planet. The NIH states that when the air quality declines because of climate change, airborne pollutants are much more susceptible to increase the risk of cancer. This leaves less room for clean air, and more room for mutagens to seep into our bodies. 

Your story of service is inspirational, and it’s clear you know what a fight is. Which is why you will immediately recognize this one.

It’s tough to stop ice melting, and car exhaust pipes puffing. But it’s possible to stop endocrine disruptors from entering our atmosphere, starting in Illinois. All we need are the right laws, and your leadership to change our planet.

To make your next years in office meaningful, I strongly urge you to tighten legislation on airborne pollutants and gases.

The Earth is the only home we get. Saving it must be our first priority.

I’m counting on you.



Dear Senator Durbin,


Global warming is bad. It is bad because our ice caps are melting and it's getting too warm for

some animals. The sunset is changing colors. This is because gases are rising and that's what

we see. Sure, it's colorful, but it's harmful for the environment.

I think awareness advertisements about global warming would help encourage people to stop

using certain vehicles and products that use gas or produce a lot of pollution.



Jonah T.   

Dear  Senator Durbin,


There is a big problem in the world: Climate Change. In about 100 years or so, many small islands will have been covered with water and will have no space to live. Many people will die from this cause. In our generation and the next generation, we need to fix this before it gets worse because many animals and people will die as a result of climate change.

What can be done is we stop polluting the air, including slowing the processing of our factories to pollute less air. This would help keep the Arctic and Antarctica from breaking apart and melting into the sea. This would help control the rising sea levels. It would help save lots of animals from having no land to live on including polar bears, Arctic foxes, penguins, and many more.


Thomas B.

Dear Senator Durbin,


No one likes global warming. It hurts animals and sometimes people because the extreme weather affects their habitat. We should not have it. There should be fines for people and companies who pollute.


Coral K.

Dear Senator Durbin,


Pollution is causing lots of trouble in the world. First of all, when you pollute it kills animals if they eat the trash or when oil gets on them they might die.

Second of all, in the ocean if you litter animals might get stuck and not be able to eat so they would die.

Last, but not least, cars pollute and animals fart which pollutes. The solution for cars is to make electric cars cost less and gas cars cost more so people would buy electric cars and it will not pollute. Farting will get fixed by breeding animals that don’t fart and burp as much like they are doing in New Zealand.

You would have to pay a fine if somebody sees you littering. Even if you own a factory you still have to pay a fine for littering.



Aria G.     

Dear Senator Durbin,


Climate change is a parasite to our world as we know it and must be destroyed

before we are. Because of the human race, we have polluted the skies where birds

live, filled the ocean with plastic where fish live, and filled the land we live on with

concrete jungles. The Ice caps are melting because we won’t change our ways of

producing things, which hurts the animals that live there as much as the humans

that study those animals. Scientists predict that the world will become

uninhabitable by the mid 2000’s, all because of the things we use and the way we

make them. We need to change, or there will be no chance to.



Ethan T.

Dear Senator Durbin,


Global warming is bad. The reason the sky in Michigan is so colorful at sunset is because of the pollution in the air. This air pollution has killed many animals and made many people sick because they can’t breathe fresh air. Pollution can be stopped by recycling and re-using recyclables, and even re-using your trash.


Lola T.

Many thanks to all our contributors.  

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