Learning Opportunities for Gifted Youth Co-op                                  

"Visit Co-op Day" will be on Friday, April 13th. Please email us if you [and your children] would like to join us on that day.

Classes that encourage curiosity, enhance exploration,
promote teamwork, and invite interpersonal growt

Who:  Parents of gifted students who organize classes and learning 

opportunities for our children. Many of us homeschool full-time, and

some of us homeschool part-time.

​​​​What:  A wide variety of classes.

When: Fall '17    10 wks, Fridays, 9/8 - 11/17, no class on 9/22, 

Spring '18 14 wks, Fridays, 2/2 - 5/11, no class on 3/30  

Where:  8237 N Kenton Ave., Skokie, IL  

Costs: $50 ($75 for non-members) registration fee for fall term; 

$65 ($90 for non-members) registration fee for spring term;

per class cost varies. 

Registration for Spring classes:  December 4-17.

For more information,please contact us at 


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