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Kids Climate Summit 2021: Focus on the Community

The Kids Climate Summit 2021 is an opportunity for students aged 8 - 14 to engage with and learn about our global climate, this year with a focus on what each of us can to do to be a good climate citizen in our own communities. 

Kids Climate Summit 2022 being planned now! Learn More

Kids Climate Summit Important Dates: 

March 15, 2021:
Kids Climate Summit audience registration opens. 

April 13, 2021:
4:00 p.m. Elementary Kids Climate Summit 
6:30 p.m. Middle School Kids Climate Summit

April 19, 2021:
Climate In My Community challenge entries due! Send your entries to:

Kids Climate Summit Resources:

Interested in participating in Climate-related Activities? 

See Climate Activities Calendar

Want interesting climate-related resources?

See Climate Resources Page

What to meet the Kids Climate Summit 2021: Focus on the Community experts? 

See Roster of Experts
Student panelists?

See Roster of Student Panelists

Interested in participating in any of the above? Want to provide support? Willing to help organize?  Contact the organizers. 

What to make a donation? Link

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Press Release

...youth brings new ideas to the table, as well as fresh energy...

Jamie Margolin
founder -  Zero Hour

dateline April 3, 2021...

Announcing the Climate in My Community Challenge!

Reflect upon climate and environment issues in your community.  Comment on the issues that effect you most in a creative and impactful way. Perhaps you are a poet,  a sculptor,  a comedian or a painter. Produce something and share it with us. We are giving out Climate Summit t-shirts while supplies last! Send us your entry before Earth Day and we may post your work on our Climate in My Community webpage!  

Submit your entry

dateline March 2, 2021...

Congratulations to our newly selected panelists! 

Panelists for both the middle school and elementary school town halls have been selected. Thank you to all who applied. The selection process was very difficult, as we had so many qualified candidates. Registration for the Summit opens on March 7 for CGCC members and March 15 for the general public.  

Meet our panelists.

dateline February 10, 2021...

Kids Climate Summit Expert wins AAAS award... 

We congratulate Esther Ngumbi for  receiving the 2021 AAAS Mani L. Bhaumik Award for Public Engagement with Science! Learn more here.

dateline January 28, 2021...

Meet some of our experts... 

We will have a small group of experts at each of our town halls.  This year we are focusing on people who have taken action to improve their communities.  Meet some of our experts here

dateline October 1, 2020...

Kids Climate Summit Art Competition:

We also invited kids under 14 to submit artwork to our Kids Summit Art Competition.

And the winner is... Brynne O'Hare, who submitted the following:

Click to read what inspired Brynne

dateline September 5, 2020...

Kids Climate Summit Writing Challenge:

This fall we invited kids of all ages to write to candidates running for election about climate issues. We were delighted by their letters!

Read what some of our kids wrote   

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